What is Trailer 29?

Trailer 29 is our new home.

Once, not so long ago, my husband and I were victims of the merciless Apartment. It had lured us in with its beautiful ceramic stove top, oil-rubbed bronze bathroom and light fixtures, granite counter tops, and gorgeous new carpet. It was also a little out of our price range. “We’ll make it work,” we told ourselves, “we’ll be frugal. We don’t need anything extravagant.”

Month after month, however, we watched sadly as the bulk of our hard-earned money flew out the window towards Rent, never to be seen again. We started having to shave our budget tighter and tighter, cutting out movie nights, paper towels, and yogurt. Soon, not even the tiniest indulgence was possible. We were trapped not in a home, but a cleverly disguised prison. And we didn’t even own any part of it.

Enter Trailer 29. We found it as we were searching for a place that was friendlier to our wallets. Nestled in the middle of a mismatched trailer park, it was the most disgusting place I had ever seen. The walls were sticky with cigarette tar, the carpet was strewn with cat feces, and the fridge was so unspeakably dirty it still makes me tremble just to think about it. “Do you see the potential in this place?” my husband exclaimed enthusiastically. Also, it was only $5,000 to own. We told the property managers we’d take it. They looked at my pregnant tummy and gave me sympathetic looks. I cried for three nights straight.

Well, it’s amazing what a few thousand dollars of home improvement and a very talented husband can do. Everything loathsome in the place (which was nearly everything) was ripped out, hauled away, and replaced, everything was scrubbed and washed clean, and everything got a fresh new coat of paint. And you know what? My husband was right, there was a lot of potential lying underneath the rubble. I hardly even miss that ceramic stove top. (I said hardly.)

Then I thought, “hey, this would make a good blog.” A blog that celebrates making the most of where life puts you. A blog that proves living in a trailer doesn’t mean throwing away tastefulness and respectable values. A blog that is dedicated to cleanliness, resourcefulness, and the pursuit of learning.

Finally, I feel like I’m home.

Take a Tour of the Trailer


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