These are just some thoughts I had as I was driving yesterday.

I want to be the person who:

  • always puts the grocery cart away in the cart return.
  • changes the trash can liner instead of throwing trash into an already full bin.
  • returns a borrowed car to the owner with a full tank.
  • replaces the toilet paper if I use the last of a roll.
  • remembers to bring water for everyone on an outing.
  • leaves the kitchen cleaner than how I found it.
  • keeps the car clutter-free.

I am not by any means perfect at doing all of these things, but the doing of these things seems to reflect an orderly and responsible lifestyle. What do you guys think? Are there any items you would add?


2 Responses to “Striving”

  1. Hatsuho Says:

    Doesn’t go to bed with dirty dishes in the sink or start the day before making the bed?

  2. Winspark Says:

    As I was reading your list, it made me realize what a lousy member of society I am. I definitely lack in those areas. But if you do do these things regularly, you should get a badge of honor or something.

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