How Many Mormons Read PW?

A blog about cooking, photography, family, gardening, and cowboys? With minimal swearing and innuendos? I’d say PW’s Site is a Mormon magnet for sure. Here’s some evidence. Her latest question for her KitchenAid Giveaway was If you could meet and have dinner with one man throughout the history of mankind, whom would it be? 5,171 people said “Jesus,” 104 people said “Joseph Smith,” and 17 people said “Gordon B. Hinckley.”

I think the 142 people for “George Clooney” reeks suspiciously of Relief Society too.


2 Responses to “How Many Mormons Read PW?”

  1. Yukiko Says:

    I saw that too! I think PW just attracts a lot of conservative stay at home moms in particular. But there’s still a pretty nice variety. (Did you see that Robert Pattinson was on there? I hope that wasn’t a bunch of fifty year old ladies.)

    Who did you put?

  2. sayaka Says:

    Haha you’re right, I should have included Robert Pattinson. I actually wrote Bill Cosby. I was trying to think of someone I could have a fun and entertaining dinner conversation with and feel comfortable being myself, not someone who I would be afraid to talk to because of the awe and reverence I have for him, and Bill Cosby was the first person I thought of who fit that description.

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