How to Create a Brick Entryway

My brother-in-law Nate and his wife Anna are the biggest home improvement and DIY project experts I’ve ever met. They’ve been working hard on finishing up their house to which they’ve added on more than twice the space it used to have. They entryway/stairway area has been really beat up for a while, so they fixed it up. Nate rebuilt the steps: half of them leading downstairs to where my mother-in-law Marti lives, and half of them leading upstairs to where Nate’s family lives. To make them prettier, they decided to line all the steps with brick. They have a lot of cool and unique ideas like that which gives their home a kind of rustic/resort-y feel. Plus, with their talent, they’re able to save a lot of money.

I’d never seen anyone lay brick before so I took some pictures.

Those little white plus-sign-shaped things are spacers to keep the bricks evenly spaced while the thinset dries. Anna had to use a lot of skill with those because none of the bricks are perfectly even or level to begin with.

It took some planning to figure out where to use the red bricks and where to use the black bricks. Nate was in the yard using a tile saw to cut the bricks down to size.

Josh helping out by applying thinset. I helped out by staying out of the way. I didn’t do a very good job of that.

Bricklaying into a corner. (The front door and sidelights are new too… Nate and Anna finished them themselves.)

Applying the first layer of grout.

They’re not quite finished yet, but they look really good, don’t you think?


One Response to “How to Create a Brick Entryway”

  1. Sasha Says:

    It does look good… I’m impressed! It’s tedious work but I can tell, they know what they’re doing! Very nice.

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