I’ve decided to start a garden this year. It will be my first time ever.

I figure, since I spend approximately one-third of my waking moments thinking about (the eating of) fresh vegetables, and since we’re spending the summer at my mother-in-law’s house in the country where there’s tons of land, there’s never been a better time to start.

How hard can it be? (I keep telling myself.)

The first step, after deciding on the location of the garden, was to till the land. Josh called a good friend of ours to see if we could borrow his tiller, which I supposed was one of those little fork-looking things.

Until Josh asked his brother if we could borrow his truck to go get it.

This is my three-year-old nephew-in-law demonstrating how to use the thing.

This is Josh and my sister-in-law assessing the land situation.

Take note of the solid weed covering. Yeah, a little fork wouldn’t have cut it.

And now here some oh-so-exciting pictures of me tilling the ground for the first time (what a milestone! haha.):

It’s like a lawn mower, except a lot heavier.

By the second time around, it was starting to get dark.

And here’s the after picture!

This must be my most exciting post yet.

Unfortunately, it rained/snowed/hailed for the next two days so we haven’t been able to get any planting done yet.

Periodic garden updates to come!



2 Responses to “Gardenin’”

  1. annie Says:

    wahoo! You are ahead of me. I make hubby do all that tilling work.

  2. Tomoko Says:


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