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Josh and I have moved to the country for the summer. I mean the country country. Where I wake up to cows mooing and there isn’t a Wal-Mart to be found. We did it for his summer job, painting houses and stuff.

I do love it here. So far we’ve gone four-wheeling, hot dog roasting, and on a date to the local movie theater, which only plays two shows at a time and doesn’t accept credit cards.

On our drive home one day we decided to play “how many pickup trucks can you find.” In a mere three blocks we saw forty-one. Forty-one! That’s, like, more than twice the number of houses here. Josh says that having a truck is like proof of your manhood or something. But I think he’s just trying to get me to agree to let him get one.

So in the next few months you’ll likely see a lot of posts reflecting a city girl’s perspective on the country. Not that I’d describe myself as metropolitan or anything, but I do know that Levi’s aren’t the only brand of jeans out there.

For starters, if you’ve ever lived in the country, you probably know about this summer time problem:

No, I’m not talking about the pretty scenery. I’m talking about the little black spots on the windowsill.

Here’s a closer look:

OK you guys, I’m telling you, flies out here are not normal.

Here’s why:

  • They’re enormous.
  • They’re not afraid of humans– they’ll land on you just as frequently as on the kitchen faucet.
  • More proof that they’re not afraid of you: you can swat at them all you want; they’ll stay put.
  • They fly more slowly (probably because of their added bulk.)
  • Oh, and they multiply unnaturally quickly. Like some kind of copy-and-paste program gone wrong.

I have this problem though. More specifically, a phobia. I hate bugs. Not in an I-hate-bugs-and-so-I-love-to-kill-them way. It’s more like an I-think-they’re-so-gross-I’ll-start-spasming-if-one-of-them-touches-me kind of way. Which means I can’t kill these dang flies. That would require making contact with them. And cleaning up their… (shudder)… little corpses. Which requires even more contact.

It’s such a pity. I mean, look at them. They’re like sitting ducks. I really should kill them.

And I really should kill these two.



7 Responses to “The Latest Buzz”

  1. Hatsuho Says:

    Gross. Gives me the heebie jeebies.

  2. Heather Says:

    Ew! Why do you have SO many pictures of them?

  3. Tomoko Says:


  4. Lisa Pusey Says:

    Hey Sayaka,
    Will you be in or near Cedar in Aug when we are there?

  5. mich Says:

    haha…the heebie jeebies.

  6. Yukiko Says:

    I’m surprised you got close enough to take all those pics. Unless you had an ultra zoom lens or something.

  7. annie Says:

    Here in the country at the local farmer’s store, they sell baited fly trap bags. You don’t have any contact with them, just hang them away from the house (they smell like dead something) and let them attract the horrid little things. Then at the end of the week/month (when they are full) make Josh take the bag down after he has closed it and haul it to the dump or bury them or whatever.
    As for the house. I have an old hair spray spritzer filled with half rubbing alcohol and half water. When one of those horrid little creatures are on the windowsill, I spray them. They die. Then I vacuum them up. No actual contact. It works great and doesn’t mess up the window with fly spray or guts.
    Besides, you don’t want any of those nasty things landing on sweet little Pepper, do you???
    email me your new address

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