Wordsy Wednesday: Babies

I have babies on my mind. I just had a baby. A bunch of my friends just had babies, or are about to. My sister is about to have a baby. So it’s only fitting that today’s Wordsy Wednesday is about babies.

Baby animals, anyway. It’s kind of fun how baby animals are called something unique from their parents, don’t you think? Since there are so many commonly known ones, I really had to dig deep to find you guys some challenges for the “hard” category (evil laughter.) I gave you the animal, so you have to tell me what the baby is called. Example: Dog=pup.

Here we go:


  1. Pig
  2. Duck
  3. Bear
  4. Sheep
  5. Goat
  6. Cat
  7. Deer
  8. Lion


  1. Swan
  2. Alligator
  3. Goose
  4. Buffalo
  5. Kangaroo
  6. Frog
  7. Monkey
  8. Guinea pig


  1. Oyster
  2. Cockroach
  3. Jellyfish
  4. Ferret
  5. Hawk
  6. Llama
  7. Eel
  8. Turkey

Ready for the answers?


  1. Pig=piglet
  2. Duck=duckling
  3. Bear=cub
  4. Sheep=lamb
  5. Goat=kid
  6. Cat=kitten
  7. Deer=fawn
  8. Lion=cub


  1. Swan=cygnet
  2. Alligator=hatchling
  3. Goose=gosling
  4. Buffalo=calf
  5. Kangaroo=joey
  6. Frog=tadpole (or polliwog, I guess)
  7. Monkey=infant
  8. Guinea pig=pup


  1. Oyster=spat
  2. Cockroach=nymph
  3. Jellyfish=ephyna
  4. Ferret=kit
  5. Hawk=eyas
  6. Llama=cria
  7. Eel=elver
  8. Turkey=poult

How’d you do? I hope that provided some brain-stretching for you today. (Although if this is finals week for you, you probably didn’t need it. Sorry.)

Happy Wednesday!



One Response to “Wordsy Wednesday: Babies”

  1. Marti Henderson Says:

    Sayaka – my brain stretched till it snapped! I never realized how much I didn’t know about words! You’d think as much as I read that I would know more. These are fun!

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