One of the advantages of living in the country is that people have chickens.

More specifically, my stepmother-in-law has chickens.

So she frequently gives us dozens of these beautiful, fresh eggs:

I love the varying shades of brown. They make me feel closer to nature.

They’re so fresh, sometimes I’ll find one with a piece of feather still stuck to it.

Have you ever used fresh eggs before? I love them. The yolks are more yellow and more whiskable, food seems to turn out fluffier, and they just somehow exude all the correct properties of egginess as opposed to the storebought varieties.

Thanks, Shirley.

And thank you, chickens.


4 Responses to “Eggs”

  1. Tomoko Says:

    mmmm,looks sooo fresh!!!

  2. Yukiko Says:

    That’s so cool! The feather thing is a tiny bit freaky though. Do you get other home grown stuff?

  3. Tomoko Says:


  4. mich Says:

    to kiko : “yer a tiny bit freaky.”

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