I’m constantly tempted to get bangs. I think a lot of girls face this dilemma for some reason. When it’s time for a new haircut, it’s always bangs or no bangs?

I happen to like baby bangs, which are usually a little too drastic for most people to want to try. But I think they’re really cute, artsy, and defining all in one. Here are some photos I managed to find to illustrate my point:

(I really wanted to find a picture of Susan May Pratt as Maureen Cummings in Center Stage because hers is the haircut that inspired me in the first place, but a good photo of her doesn’t seem to exist online.)

Baby bangs seem to work well with long, dark hair, which I have.

They also seem to look good on women with small faces and large, pretty eyes, which I don’t have.

(But doesn’t any haircut look better if you have a small face and large, pretty eyes? Curses to those women.)

I actually used to have baby bangs back when Josh and I started dating, and I loved them. I realize I’m committing some kind of confidence suicide posting a picture of myself right after a bunch of gorgeous celebrities, but here it is:

The problem is, Josh hates bangs, which is a sentiment a lot of guys seem to share for some reason. Especially baby bangs. And what’s the point of having a haircut that your husband doesn’t like?

There is no point. So no bangs it is.


6 Responses to “Bangs”

  1. Yukiko Says:

    If baby bangs are something you LOVE, then there is definitely a point. Josh will still think you look good. At least he should. I really liked them on you!

  2. Hatsuho Says:

    I agree, I think what you want is more important when it comes to hair. Plus hair grows so fast anyway.

  3. Tomoko Says:


  4. mich Says:

    ……as a hair stylist i have seen waaay too many women tell me they can’t do something cause their husbands would kill them…and everytime i hear this i want to say ” just do whatever YOU want!”

  5. mich Says:

    and I agree with tomoko.

  6. Tomoko Says:


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