What To Do With the Ugly Ones

Josh loves anko (sweet red bean paste) so earlier this week I made anpan. (an=anko and pan=bread; get it?)

(I got the above photo from Wikipedia and it is not really representative of the anpans I made. I don’t usually like to reference Wikipedia but the article on anpan seems accurate enough.)

You know how whenever you make a batch of baked goodies, one or two of them end up misshapen or smushed or just plain uglier than the others? Those are usually my “taste-tester” pieces.

Well, Josh had another solution. The anko filling in one of my anpans had burst out in the oven, looking like a tongue sticking out. So here’s what he did:

Yup, he added eyes. This was an entertaining enough occasion to justify taking yet another photo:

Oh, the fun we have here at Trailer 29.


3 Responses to “What To Do With the Ugly Ones”

  1. Nijiko Says:

    Hahaha dorks

  2. Tomoko Says:

    wahahahaha,,,that’s a An-pan-man

    Where did you get anko?

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