Who Are the People In Your Neighborhood?

We have a neighbor named Celia who is one of our most frequent visitors.

She used to come over all the time to ask Josh for a ride to the store. He took her a couple of times, but finally told her that since the store is so close by, she should really just ride her bike. I don’t think she was very happy about that so she stopped bothering us coming over for a while.

We first met her before we’d officially moved in, when we were still fixing things up in our trailer. We saw her outside, just standing there for five minutes or so as if trying to make up her mind to do something, before she finally knocked on our door.

“Hi,” she said.

“Oh hey, how’s it going,” Josh said.

“Hi. I just wanted to come by and say hi,” she said. Then there was a long, awkward pause.

“Well, hey,” said Josh. Another long awkward pause. Times that by about five. Finally, Josh said, “well, it was really nice to meet you.”

Then she asked him for a ride to the store.

Anyways, the other day her mom came by and asked Josh for help fixing their oven door. So he went over and fixed it.

Then, Celia started coming over again, asking him for help fixing more things. He went over to look at their front door and fixed it up a bit. She started coming over more frequently. One of those times, I answered the door, holding my baby.

“Oh, did you have a baby?” she asked.

“I did, here she is,” I answered, trying to sound as friendly as I could.

“Oh, if I’d known I would have brought over some baby clothes or something, but I had no idea!” she said.

“It’s really OK, she has plenty of clothes,” I told her. “Well, I’ll let Josh know your door is dry. Seeya later!”

Two minutes later she came back with these:

“That’s so kind of you,” I said, “who did they belong to before?” I was pretty sure she didn’t have any kids.

“Oh, well I made them for my dog, but she didn’t like wearing them very much,” she replied.

Oh. Umm, thanks Celia.

Once, Josh and I were both busy, so even though we heard her knocking on the door neither of us answered it. But she kept knocking for like ten minutes straight. Josh finally answered it when she started pounding as hard as she could. He told her he couldn’t fix her door unless she bought some silicone.

“What? I don’t have the money for that,” she said. Josh informed her that that was too bad. I don’t think she liked that very much.

So maybe she’ll stop coming over again. At least for a little while.



4 Responses to “Who Are the People In Your Neighborhood?”

  1. Annie Says:

    OH MY GOODNESS!!! How old is this person? Is she a little bit. . .um. . .touched. . .off? She doesn’t sound very normal.
    We have an older gentleman next door. Because he is almost blind, and a bit eccentric, people don’t give him credit for being pretty much of a genius. He was a mechanical engineer, and can fix just about anything. In fact when he retired, he took up fixing appliances and got certified in almost anything out there. When he started going blind, he would have people pick him up and transport them to their house, then he would take the item apart and ask the client, “now, do you see a red wire leading to. . . ?” Then he would tell them what to do and have them fix it while he instructed them. Now the poor man has to call my husband over to help him reset the clocks if the electricity goes out or whatever.
    We drive him to many places, and at first I was a bit crabby about it, but I realize he is really doing pretty well being able to live on his own and I don’t resent it anymore.
    I can’t imagine putting those clothes on my baby after they were worn by the dog!!!??? but it makes a GREAT story for your blog. ::shakes head:: You are good people, and good for Josh, sticking up for himself.

  2. Jesica Says:

    Hehe, yeah that’s Celia, she comes in all the time to the bank, but she doesn’t like me and I’m not sure why, so whenever she comes in and I’m open she just stands there and glares at me until someone else opens up. I just sit there and smile, if I’m the only one there she will come to me but then tells me that I’m doing everything wrong and that I’m wrong and she doesn’t like me or what I’m doing. I’m not kidding either, this happens often. Oh and just to warn you, she won’t stop coming, sorry to burst the bubble, but I’ve known this girl for over 2 years now, and she I’m sure she won’t stop coming. Sorry 🙂 I’m going to come over and see Pepper one of these days, just to give you some heads up 🙂

  3. Ashley Hahn Says:

    -shudder- This is why I’m icy and appear to be as unfriendly as possible. My aunt had this lady in her ward that would come over everyday and spend the entire day on the phone (long distance) with her family. One time I was there for the summer and was on the phone with my mom and she walked in the front door (didn’t even bother to knock) took the phone from me without saying a word, hung it up and called her son and stayed on the phone for about 7 hours. Never paid them a cent for the phone bill.

  4. sayaka Says:

    Yeah, Josh and I are kind of pushovers as it is, and I think part of the fun of living in a trailer park is the crazy people you meet, but we do recognize the need to put our foot down sometimes.

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