If I were to choose my favorite chore, I’d have to say folding laundry. It sparks the perfectionist in me in a sort of relaxing way.

My favorite things to fold are Josh’s T-shirts because they turn out so square and uniform. Women’s shirts have too many frills and gathers and ties and things.

This is my T-shirt folding method:

1. Lay the T-shirt face down and upside down in front of you.

2. Fold in one side from partway up the shoulder all the way down.

3. Fold in the other side.

4. Fold the neckline up to meet the bottom hem.

The end!

I am aware of the Japanese T-shirt folding method but I don’t like it as much because it leaves one loose sleeve hanging in the back.

Are there any chores any of you are obsessive/particular/picky about?


5 Responses to “Folding”

  1. Halley Says:

    Sayaka you can come to my house any day… seriously. I think folding laundry is my least favorite chore. I am anal about my kitchen though, I feel like if my kitchen is clean, everything else will be okay (even if the laundry still isn’t folded yet). 🙂

  2. Hatsuho Says:

    I hate anything laundry-related!

  3. Ashley Says:

    Haha! I used to love to fold laundry and every single item in my closet used to have a very specific place first based on color, then size. But then I had kids and just getting the close away makes me feel triumph now.

  4. Yukiko Says:

    i’ve seen that japanese t-shirt folding method a bunch of times and still can’t figure it out!

  5. mich Says:

    no point B to point C is in my laundry 🙂

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