Guess who came to Trailer 29 last weekend?

My momma!

And my daddy πŸ™‚

They flew in all the way from Ohio to see our baby girl and help out.

My momma came prepared with a list of different dishes she wanted to make for us, as well as some hard to acquire items (at least here in Southern Utah) like mochiko, anko, and, upon Josh’s request, Hi-Chews.

Between my mom’s home cooking and going out to eat a couple of times, I didn’t have to worry about cooking and cleaning for the duration of their stay. Spoiled? Yeah, probably. Take a look at some of the food she made for us:

The food pictured above includes:

  • Chirashi Zushi and Sweet Potato Tempura
  • Potato Salad
  • Curry Bread
  • Gyoza (pot stickers)
  • Yakiniku and Teppanyaki
  • Mochi with anko (sweet red bean paste) filling

I’ll work on getting recipes up for you guys someday. This is seriously good stuff.


6 Responses to “Visitors”

  1. Jenny Yeh Says:

    i love reading your blogs, sayaka!! your mom is so awesome!!

  2. Hatsuho Says:

    all that food looks soooo yummy! I hope mommy will do the same for me! πŸ™‚

  3. Yukiko Says:

    boo i haven’t had chirashi zushi in so long!

  4. Lisa Says:

    Your mom is such an excellant cook. And your parents look like such happy, proud grandparents!

  5. veronica Says:

    mmmmm… gyoza….. i haven’t had that in a while…

  6. veronica Says:

    mochi too..

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