Making Friends in the Trailer Park

This is one of Josh’s latest projects.

It’s a mini shed for his power tools and other construction materials that have been lying around the house. When you don’t have a basement, it’s really hard to find a place for those things. Not to mention taking them outside to work on stuff, then bringing them back inside for storage, back and forth, makes sawdust and other debris go all over the place. Also I think I’ve stubbed my toe on his chop saw one too many times.

So on Saturday he decided it was time to build one of these things. A smallish one to save money. He spent pretty much all day on it, out in the cold, while I stayed inside and listened to the constant hammering and drilling. When it comes to stuff like this, I stay most useful by staying out of the way. Later in the evening, his friend Josué came to help.

I think they stayed up a little too late though (Josh really wanted to get the roof on it because it seemed like it was going to rain that night) because all of a sudden I heard an angry man’s voice coming from across the way. “What the h*** man! Some people are trying to go to f***ing sleep!” he yelled, and a few other things.

My heart instantly froze. I sat anxiously by the window, waiting to hear what would ensue.

Josh didn’t skip a beat. Throughout his life, he’s gotten used to all sorts of aggressive, even violent, confrontations. Somehow he said a few things that appeased the man enough to make him go back inside his own trailer. Then he and Josué continued merrily until the shed was finished.

Little did they know that I was inside, heart racing, peering out the window to make sure everything was really OK.

I guess I’m really just a wuss sometimes.



2 Responses to “Making Friends in the Trailer Park”

  1. Hatsuho Says:

    Josh must have said something really amazing. When my neighbors are loud past 10pm, I contemplate if I should call the police. My sleep is really important, especially when pregnant or with a newborn!

    The shed is looking good though.

  2. mich Says:

    i bet he paid him to leave, lol

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