Taxes and New Toys

Are any of you getting anything fun with your tax return this year?

Although most of ours ended up going to bills and debts (as it always does, right?) I was adamant about having at least some of it to get something happy with this year. It’s just been too long since I bought anything other than toilet paper and groceries and laundry detergent.

So we were able to set aside $150 for each of us to do whatever we wanted with. Woohoo! I knew exactly what I wanted with the bulk of my share:

I’ve been wanting a sewing machine for a really long time. SO domestic of me, right? Heh heh. Actually, I’m really intimidated by it because all my past experiences with sewing have been pretty disastrous. I always forget to put the foot thing down before I start sewing and spend all my time trying to unjam the thread. And none of my projects have ever turned out to the extent that I wanted to actually use what I made.

BUT… our little bun in the oven is due out THIS MONTH!!! and there are a bunch of things for her baby room that I’ve been wanting to make. So I’m going to suck it up and conquer this thing and become a sewing mom extraordinaire!!!

In the meantime though, I don’t think sewing is something I should start until the house is less cluttered, so we’re working on cleaning up the place first. For now, I just like to gaze at my new toy, still in its box, trying to think positive thoughts and forget all the bad experiences.

Curious about what Josh got with his share? Here it is:

Have no idea what it is? That’s OK, I never would have known either. This is what’s called a hang board and it’s something you mount on the wall and use to practice holding yourself up using torturous grips to build up your grip and endurance for rock climbing and bouldering.

Isn’t it amazing to sometimes find out what your spouse has been wanting for a long time? Sometimes it’s like, what? really? but you see how excited it makes them so it’s worth it. I’m sure Josh doesn’t understand why I would want a sewing machine over, say, a new bouldering pad or a nail gun.

Such are the joys of living with someone of the opposite sex. Your view of the world and knowledge of what’s out there really does double.


4 Responses to “Taxes and New Toys”

  1. Halley Says:

    I am with you on the sewing machine. I actually got one 3 years ago, practiced with it and had the same horrible experiences with my attempts. I really need to pull it back out and try it again. Someday when we can afford for me to waste fabric on more mistakes. šŸ™‚ Great blog!

  2. Gillian Says:

    I’m glad you mentioned your new blog on facebook! Your sewing machine looks great. My sewing machine is a light avacado-green Bernina from about 1960. One at a YW activity one of the girls saw my machine and said, “Wow…did that used to be white?”

    Even though I’m not detail-oriented enough to be any good at sewing, it’s still SO NICE to have a machine for projects. Now if I just had a place where I could leave it out!

  3. Anita Says:

    Or you can go to this blog and read about refashioning old clothes.They have so many ideas.
    they talk about going to the thrift store and finding things for .50 cents and making darling clothes for the children and themselves.
    This girl has a whole tutorial section on refashioning new clothes from old
    have fun

    • sayaka Says:

      thanks for the links, anita. i had fun looking through them. i do think about refashioning my clothes all the time, and i found out some useful stuff.

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